The image of the Super NES/Super FAMICOM version of the game on the game box.

Lagoon (Japanese: ラグーン, Ragūn) is a video game where one version is for Super NES/Super FAMICOM and the another for Sharp X68000. Both versions are developed by ZOOM Inc. and the Super NES/Super FAMICOM version was published by Kemco. It is a medieval fantasy and action role-play game with real-time fighting gameplay. In the game you gain up level by defeating enemies and you have an inventory for items you can buy and find along the way. Nasir, or Nassel in the Japanese version of the game, the Champion of Light and the main character, must investigate the source of Lakelands muddy water and travels through several towns, landscapes and dungeons while battling several types of enemies and giant bosses and helping people.

The Sharp X68000 version was first one released. It was only released in Japan and on September 12 1990. In the next year the Super Famicom/Super NES version was released in Japan 12 December 1991, December 1991 in North America and 27 May 1993 in Europe.

There are some differences between the two versions, such as the story is not exact the same. In The Sharp X68000 version you also move faster and the language is in Japanese while in the Super Famicom/Super NES version you move in a normal like speed and the language is in English.